Perspective Jukebox

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Wordsmith - Perspective Jukebox Front Cover.jpg
Wordsmith - Perspective Jukebox Back Cover.jpg

Perspective Jukebox


The concept for Wordsmith’s new album Perspective Jukebox was to create a collection of high caliber records where each song would stand alone as a single with substance. By avoiding the structural boundaries of a concept album Wordsmith has freed his creative focus to craft a project that is current, profound and uniquely his own. The songs on Perspective Jukebox cover many aspects of today’s world as viewed through Wordsmith’s lens, all while retaining his style and remaining motivational and purpose driven. Every song in a jukebox is supposed to be a hit, so Wordsmith set out to make each record on Perspective Jukebox a potential single worthy to share. Wordsmith invites you to step up to his Perspective Jukebox, press play, then prepare to move and be moved at the same time!

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ACAPELLA BOX INTRO – Perspective Jukebox kicks off with a freestyle acapella verse that gets right to the point with a severe dose of reality. Wordsmith’s honesty is a refreshing change from the mire of phony artists out today and his humble request of the listener is therefore that much stronger. Wordsmith ensures his audience this album will be different: “This is real music, nothing shorter. Future of rap, step in my teleporter.”

“THE STATEMENT” produced by: J.S. aka the Best – The first single off Perspective Jukebox is “THE STATEMENT”, Wordsmith’s platform track where he proudly proclaims his position in popular music and society. Modern times show a world struggling to overcome countless negative issues and Wordsmith unabashedly boasts his point of view with poetry and purpose. By taking a stand and shining a light on the facts, Wordsmith has made a musical statement to which everyone can learn from. Ultimately Wordsmith knows the only way to defeat the problems we all face: “Peace signs, peace signs up, put ‘em in the air and go rise up!”

“YA’LL DON’T KNOW” produced by: Turreekk – Wordsmith’s frustration reaches a boiling point on “YA’LL DON’T KNOW” when he rages against society’s ignorance and incompetence. All people will continue to face common problems if not for strong leaders who bring those complex subjects to the forefront and open dialogue. Putting these issues into a song is Wordsmith’s way to combat indifference, complacency and force responsibility, as all too often we, “place the blame, it’s never our fault.”

“MADE” produced by: Turreekk – As an independent artist, Wordsmith learned from experience that blazing your own path is far more rewarding than selling out to the alternative. “MADE” is not a celebration of the rewards of fame but a personal reflection that champions the journey itself, where hard work defines an artist’s legacy. Through his struggle and success Wordsmith aspires for greatness and confirms his unwavering promise to his fans: “I’ve got big dreams on my mind ‘til I’m living off this music.”

“WHO WE ARE” produced by: J.S. aka the Best – Wordsmith has never sacrificed his artistic integrity and “WHO WE ARE” is his self-defining track.  He has kept his artist persona unique by intentionally avoiding other popular artist’s influences. It is easy to copy the success of established acts, but lasting effect only comes from staying true to yourself: “Go do you, I’ma do me!”

“ASCENSION” feat. Nikki Taylor & produced by: Certified – Wordsmith is an artist on the rise and “ASCENSION” acknowledges that he has not yet reached his maximum potential. Complacency is the enemy of growth and Wordsmith remains relentless in the pursuit of his ultimate goal of being a lasting musical icon. Undaunted by pitfalls and problems he continues to ascend to the heights of greatness: “Hear my story feel my fight but I’m moving on to steeper heights.”

“BE U” produced by: J.S. aka the Best – In line with the previous song, Wordsmith continues his theme of self-identity with a simple message to the rest… “BE U”. We should celebrate our differences proudly because what sets us apart is also what makes us special. By choosing to remain an individual and stand out from the crowd, we carve out our niche in this world: “Please just do your thing and be true!” 

“MY NIGHT” produced by: J.S. aka the Best – Wordsmith has always enjoyed the story telling aspect of Hip-Hop music and wrote “MY NIGHT” in that creative vein. “MY NIGHT” is a fun and funny retelling of a wild and raucous evening, the kind of night you just have to brag about to your friends. This song is a testament to Wordsmith’s mantra of work hard, play hard! “You wanna live the life? Let me tell you about my night!”

“ON THE COME UP” feat. Ihsan Bilal & produced by: J.S. aka the Best – Wordsmith’s next song delves further into the trials and tribulations of an artist “ON THE COME UP”. His passion and promise shine through in his motivational music, giving hope to many still climbing toward their goals. With the confidence of a pioneer Wordsmith uses the experiences building his own career and indie label NU Revolution Entertainment to inspire others. It is not words that determine success, it is deeds: “Forget the bragging, back it up, what about that action?”

“THE PROMISE” produced by: produced by: Turreekk – A Hip Hop ballad reminding us to follow through with the promises we make to family and friends. Keeping your word and being reliable are valuable characteristics our youth needs to learn early in life!

 “FILL THE SPACE” produced by: Turreekk – Wordsmith embraces the responsibility of being a helping hand for all those in need when he promises to “FILL THE SPACE.” The third single off Perspective Jukebox is a Hip-Hop ballad to shatter genre lines and embrace a meaningful purpose of fulfilment. Everyone needs support at times and Wordsmith helps shoulder the burden with positive advice: “Open your heart quick to penetrate, shake the burden and drop the dead weight.”

HOPE BOX OUTRO – Perspective Jukebox wraps up with an acapella freestyle where Wordsmith expresses his hope of impacting his audience in a meaningful way. His album aims to leave us rejuvenated for all that life has to offer. “Hoping you’re feeling this, my album is limitless, just think of these benefits, just listen forget a script”. 

BONUS BOX: “MAN PLEASE” produced by: DC Soulplus Mind – Wordsmith includes a bonus track on his Perspective Jukebox album that puts on blast the industry posers and clowns for their decimation of the Hip-Hop art form. “MAN PLEASE” is his final jab where he further distances himself from the polluted establishment and walks his own righteous path: “Hate gonna give me the fuel that I need and I see some of ya’ll are shady”. 

BONUS BOX: “THE PROMISE - ACOUSTIC REPRISE” produced by: Turreekk – A Hip Hop ballad reminding us to follow through with the promises we make to family and friends. Keeping your word and being reliable are valuable characteristics our youth needs to learn early in life! 

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